Physical culture lessons methodology using “upper body” complexes of exercises in schoolchildren of the 10th-11th form during the period of selfisolation


Ilona V. Adamova, Russian State University of Physical Culture, Sports, Youth and Tourism Moscow, Russia. ORCID: 0000-0002-5320-3771, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


During senior school age there is almost no time for physical culture, as girls and boys are preparing for the final exams. They stop attending physical culture and sports lessons, they do not practice independently and it negatively affects their physical state. During recent year we faced such phenomenon as distance study and work. Pedagogical process realization in terms of self-isolation required reconsideration of the approaches to educational material presentation in physical culture program. Upper body is a fitness program. It belongs to power oriented class of aerobics, directed toward the upper torso muscles development, power endurance of muscles improvement. They condition correct bearing and head position preservation. The main means is the exercises with own body weight and the exercises with some weight (dumbbells, body bar, weights, rubber shock absorbers). The search for new means, organizational and methodological forms contributing to the solution of the main task of physical culture lessons, students’ health strengthening and long-term preservation in a limited home space conditions the relevance of the research. Materials. To reveal the peculiarities of “upper body” lessons organization with 10th-11th form pupils during the period of self-isolation for physical heath state preservation. Research methods. Internet and scientific-methodical sources analysis, Ruffier, Genchi, Stange tests, Ketle and Pignet indices, method of control exercises, pedagogical experiment, methods of mathematical-statistical data handling. Results. According to the results of the pedagogical test in the pupils of the 10th -11th forms of a secondary school there were positive changes in test results in the EG. These tests condition power oriented hands abilities, power level of the right hand, the power of the body upper part muscles, power of abdominal muscles within one minute. In the CG changes were at the level of a tendency. Conclusion. There was physical development and physical readiness indices, power oriented abilities improvement in the experimental group, where students trained according to the created methodology with “Upper body” use. It proves the effectiveness of the presented methodology, as senior schoolchildren have to improve directly these abilities. Practical significance. The methodology of the “Upper body” lessons, adapted to the conditions of the restricted home territory can be used as the means of physical fitness support among senior schoolchildren and be used at physical culture lessons at a secondary school during power oriented abilities and power endurance development and in terms of independent training at home. The process of transferring educational material and its fulfillment control in “Physical culture” subject was carried out using WhatsApp, Zoom, student’s e-mail. The created complexes using "Upper body" means allowed not only to preserve, but also increased strength level of the separate muscle groups.


senior school age, physical culture lessons in terms of self-isolation, upper body methodology, supporting the level of power oriented abilities.

DOI: 10.14526/2070-4798-2021-16-2-57-61

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