Pedagogical basis of physical culture-sports activity organization among 15- 17 year-old boys in order to prevent delinquency


Yuriy M. Postnov, I.N. Ulyanov State Pedagogical University, Ulyanovsk Ulyanovsk, Russia, ORCID: 0000-0002-5535-109Х, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Physical and moral health of the oncoming generation provision is the most important duty of society and the state in general. The existing system of physical upbringing among schoolchildren doesn’t cope with the set objectives of conditions creation for many-sided development, vital motor abilities and skills, moral-volitional and motor-coordinating qualities formation. Formalistic approach to teaching and upbringing at comprehensive school led to the increase of young people with deviant behavior. Materials. In the article we experimentally test the created methodology of psychological-pedagogical influence on boys with deviant behavior. Research methods. Theoretical analysis and scientific-methodical sources systematization, testing, conversation, survey; motor tasks creation, directed toward moral-volitional and ethic qualities demonstration; the training lessons with the elements of football, boxing, wrestling, volleyball, fitness; methodical support of volunteers, pedagogical experiment. Results. We created the methodology of the need formation for physical culture-sports and labor activity among 15-17 year-old boys. This methodology includes educational, health-improving and upbringing measures. Periodically we controlled their behavior and progress in studies. We managed to form a steady interest in sports lessons among the representatives of the experimental group; training lessons attendance was stable; discipline in sports club, outdoors and at school improved. Progress in studies improved among those, who attended the sports club regularly from 2,92 points to 3,42, the average mark for behavior increased from 2,60 to 3,45 points. Discipline violation level decreased by 38,5%, lessons missing level decreased by 43,9%. Parents mentioned positive tendency in their children’s attitude to duties, studies, household work. Conclusion. Physical culture-sports activity organization among 15-17 year-old boys in order to prevent delinquency turned out to be an effective direction of their successful socialization, moral-volitional and ethic qualities upbringing, socially important attitude to environment formation.


15-17 year-old boys, deviant behavior, physical culture-sports activity

For citation:

Yuriy M. Postnov*. Pedagogical basis of physical culture-sports activity organization among 15-17 year-old boys in order to prevent delinquency. Russian Journal of Physical Education and Sport. 2021; 16(1): 115-119. DOI: 10.14526/2070-4798-2021-16-1-115-119

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