Power endurance development among weightlifters using the complexes of exercises of crossfit sports system


Sergey A. Koltovskoy, CrossFit Union Sport Club Moscow, Russia. ORCID: 0000-0003-0643-9965, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The article considers the use of exercises from crossfit sports system. It causes specific adaptation of an organism, providing more correct fulfillment of the trained exercise. Power endurance development is demonstrated in specific training exercises of weightlifters. It is characterized, first of all, by the highest level of result increase in the training exercise and efficiency of its fulfillment. Power endurance of athletes can be demonstrated both in physical and functional indices with psychological level of demonstration. The degree of weightlifter’s general endurance is conditioned by his competitive reliability. It means successful attempts realization. Materials. Crossfit complexes of exercises with time limitation for rest, equal to 2 minutes and less for power endurance increase among weightlifters, which can be fulfilled oncetwice a week. According to the technique of fulfillment and energy consumption the described exercises are maximum close to such classical exercises as push and jerk in weightlifting. Research methods and research organization. Information sources analysis concerning the problem of the research. Pedagogical analysis of the results of the World Championship 2018 and European Championship 2021. We observed the performances of athletes at the International weightlifting competitions (World Championship 2018, Ashkhabad; European Championship 2021, Moscow). We substantiate the opportunity to use the complexes of sports system crossfit for power endurance increase among weightlifters during their participation at different level competitions. Results. Weightlifters’ competitive activity analysis helps to define the importance of functional readiness level increase and the necessity to develop the skills of athletes to lift maximal weight in terms of tiredness, hold a tactical struggle, quickly recover after the attempts. This is provided with the created complexes of exercises, which are realized by sports system crossfit. The degree of general endurance of a weightlifter is conditioned by his competitive reliability. It means successful attempts realization and it conditions topic urgency of this article. During the rest between the attempts different rehabilitation processes happen in a weightlifter’s organism. Conclusion. For maximal training effect achievement a weightlifter should fulfill each complex of exercises of crossfit system in terms of the definite intensity level. In general it is necessary to train power endurance with different speed and duration. The main method of power endurance development in weightlifting should be work, which causes tiredness.


power endurance, athletes, weightlifters, barbell jerk, barbell push, crossfit, competitions.

DOI: 10.14526/2070-4798-2021-16-2-27-33

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