Information for authors

The article should contain original material, previously unpublished anywhere and meeting the following criteria: scientific novelty, practical significance, profile.

Peer review of scientific articles in journals presented in the list of the Higher Attestation Commission of the Russian Federation is carried out on the basis of the decision of the Presidium of the Higher Attestation Commission of the Russian Federation. The resulting article is sent to the reviewer. With a positive conclusion, the article is sent to the editor, with a negative conclusion, a reasoned refusal is sent to the authors. The editors reserve the right to return the article to the author if the requirements for the design of articles for publication in the publication are not met.

We ask the authors to pay attention to the need to provide the full text of the articles in Russian and English. The authors are responsible for the accuracy and quality of the translation. The editorial board assumes the right to edit and proofread both versions of the articles.

It is desirable for authors of articles to be registered in the world ORCID system.

ORCID is an open, free registration system for all writing scientists in the world. Placing the indicated identifiers on the site next to the names of the authors significantly expands the information about them, makes it easy to assess the authority of the authors.

The journal publishes articles that present new results of experimental and theoretical scientific research, reviews and brief reports in the following scientific areas: sports education, sports training, sports pedagogy, sports psychology, sports physiology, sports sociology, sports medicine, adaptive physical culture, sports management, socio-cultural service and tourism. 

The content of the articles should be stated with extreme clarity and brevity. Avoid repetition of data presented in tables and graphs, as well as the presentation of numerical results in the form of tables and graphs at the same time.

At the stage of submitting a manuscript, authors must fill out a letter of guarantee, in which the authors confirm their compliance with ethical principles.

Attached to the article:

letter of guarantee from the author(s)


 Articles are accepted exclusively by email. The title of the article file must contain the surname of the first author and the date of writing (for example, Ivanov02.05.2006.doc), all additional files (with pictures, diagrams, etc.) must also contain the surname of the author and the date (for example, Ivanov02.05.2006Photo .tif, Ivanov02.05.2006Ris1.jpg or Ivanov02.05.2006Shema2.cdr). Upon receipt of the article by the editorial board, a notification is sent to the email address from which the submission was made about its acceptance for publication or refusal in case of non-compliance of the article design with the above requirements. Be careful when reading your mail.

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Dear Authors!
We ask you to be as careful as possible to comply with the requirements set out below for the design of scientific articles. The requirements were developed by the editorial staff in accordance with the recommendations of the Ministry of Education and Science of RussiaTheir goal is to ensure that articles in our journal comply with the requirements of citation bases, starting with the RSCI and ending with international databases.

Scheme for building an article.

  • Title (no abbreviations).
  • Surnames and initials of the authors. Indicate in which organization each of the authors works with the help of superscripts.
  • Organization name (full and short), city, country.
  • Abstract (at least 150-200 words).

The structure of the abstract briefly repeats the structure of the article: introduction, materials and methods, results and discussions, conclusion. Abbreviations and conventions, except for the generally accepted ones, are used in exceptional cases or give their decoding and definitions when they are first used in the annotation. The abstract does not refer to the publication number in the bibliography of the article.

  • Keywords (10-12 words).
  • Introduction (contains a summary of the problem, goals and objectives of the study).
  • Materials and methods.
  • Results and discussion.
  • Conclusion.
  • Literature.

Drawn up in accordance with the rules for compiling links - GOST R 7.0.5-2008 (no more than 10 sources). References are printed in the order of citation. All sources in the text of the article should be referenced in accordance with the number in the list of references 3, 5, 18. In order for all authors of the cited publications to be taken into account in the abstract systems, it is necessary to include all authors in the article description (links) without reducing the number of authors up to three, four, etc. The authors are solely responsible for the accuracy of the data in the bibliography. The design rules are presented in the Appendix.

  • Information about the authors of the article: last name, first name and patronymic (in full), academic degree, academic title, position, main place of work of each author, for contact with the editors - the last name, first name and patronymic of the author, postal address, phone number, Email.

Scheme of the structure of the article in English.

Title in English.

 When translating the title of an article into English, special attention should be paid to the need to use special English terminology for understanding the text by foreign specialists.

  •  Surnames and initials of the authors in English.
  • Organization name (full and short), city, country in English.
  • Abstract in English.

 In the English text, the active voice should be used, in exceptional cases you can use the passive voice.

  •  Keywords in English (corresponding to the Russian language set).
  • References (the same items from the "Literature" list, but with transliteration of surnames and words written in Russian, and with a translation into English of the names of sources). The design rules are presented in the Appendix.
  • Information about the authors of the article in English: last name, first name and patronymic, academic degree, academic title, position, main place of work of each author. The design rules are presented in the Appendix.

 Figures and tables should be titled and numbered, and must be referenced in the text. Drawings are clear, inscriptions in drawings are made only in Russian. Picture files are executed in the graphic editors Paint, PhotoShop, CorelDraw, etc. in black and white with grayscale (photos - in tif format, 300 dpi). 

Figures and tables should be in the text of the article (not copied, not photos, but made in Word, for the possibility of further editing), and the rest of the graphic objects should be located at the end of the article, as an appendix (Appendix 1, Appendix 2).