Peer Review Process

Papers submitted to The Russian Journal of Physical Education and Sport are subjected to rigorous peer review so as to ensure quality of the material published.

 All manuscripts undergo preliminary evaluation at the editorial level and those judged to be of significant importance are peer reviewed by more experts. The Editors see the papers through peer review to acceptance or rejection.

 Manuscripts are sent out for review electronically and all correspondence takes place via e-mail. Using double-blind peer review system neither reviewers’ nor author’s identities are revealed to the other party to ensure the quality of research published in the journal. Peer reviewers are informed of the authors identity immediately after the manuscript is either accepted or rejected.

 Peer reviewers are asked to give their opinion on a number of issues pertinent to the scientific and formal aspects of a paper and to judge the papers on grounds of originality and urgency. All relevant information is forwarded to the author(s).

Judgments should be objective. 

Reviewers should have no conflict of interest. 

Reviewes should point out relevant published work which is not yet cited.

Reviewed articles should be treated confidentially.

 Possible options for peer reviewers for each article:

 Accept manuscript, if there is no need for any revision;

  • Accept after revision, if the author makes the requested revisions;
  • Revise and resubmit after revisions have been made - paper will be sent out for another peer review round;
  • Submit elsewhere if the manuscript is better suited for another journal;
  • Reject manuscript if the manuscript is substandard;

 In addition, papers may be rejected directly by the Editors if judged to be out of scope or if scientifically or formally substandard.